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The School of Social Policy & Practice is where scholarly insight meets real-world impact.

SP2 is at the forefront of linking nuanced scholarship to practical, real-world problem-solving. From lowering rates of homelessness and helping the formerly incarcerated re-enter their communities to preventing child abuse and investigating economic mobility and poverty, SP2 is an anchor for action and academic innovation. We are pushing social work, policy and welfare to new frontiers, harnessing data and pioneering community engagement to create change in Philadelphia, as well as nationally and internationally.

This Campaign will provide SP2 with the means to fuel an accessible, transformational education and advance the evidence-based research needed to ultimately eliminate society’s biggest challenges.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: $38,000,000


Campaign Priorities

  • Expand our portfolio of endowed professorships in social work, policy and nonprofit leadership to further strengthen our robust research and pedagogy in such critical areas as mass incarceration, homelessness, safety for women and girls, healthcare policy, race and LGBT equity, big data and high impact philanthropy.
  • Maintain a competitive edge with peer schools by expanding the School’s portfolio of full tuition and other graduate scholarships to attract and retain the best and brightest future change leaders.
  • Renovate SP2’s main building to create more contemporary, functional and collaborative work spaces that promote interdisciplinary learning across programs and other Penn schools as well as accommodate our growing population of social change agents.

Campaign Leadership

Allison Weiss Brady, C’93
Chair, School of Social Policy & Practice Campaign

Talk To Us

Kristen De Paor
Associate Dean, Institutional Advancement

(215) 898-5518

The three tenets of President Amy Gutmann’s Penn Compact 2022 – inclusion, innovation, and impact – not only closely align with SP2’s vision but they also inspire each of the School’s funding priorities, especially financial aid.


For more than a century, SP2 has educated renowned leaders and pioneers to tackle our most challenging social issues, locally and globally. By removing financial barriers, we can inspire more budding change agents, empower our graduates, and allow them to focus on transforming the world, wherever they go and no matter where they’re from.


Gifts to the Campaign will allow SP2 students and faculty to have significant impact in social work, policy, and nonprofit leadership, promoting innovation and inclusion for years to come.”Sara Bachman, DEAN, SCHOOL OF SOCIAL POLICY & PRACTICE

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