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The Annenberg School for Communication heightens our understanding of the most critical issues facing the 21st century.

Communication has never been more important—or imperiled. The same radically shifting information environment that birthed multiple media channels and social networking opportunities also results in news deserts, echo chambers and false news, which challenge the very fabric of democracy. Complex issues such as health, politics and social and economic inequality demand trustworthy information that all people can access and use in their private, professional and civic lives.

Through our distinctive education and research programs, Annenberg faculty and students work collaboratively on questions ranging from how the brain processes media messages to how the structure of online social networks and larger media systems influence the quality and accessibility of public information. Connecting these diverse approaches is the search for understanding how communications can shape—and ultimately improve—individual and collective decision-making.

Campaign Priorities

  • Support the educational and research missions of our centers in the areas of media policy; journalism; and health, political and global communication.
  • Extend opportunities for hands-on and experiential learning to all of our undergraduate and graduate students through research funding, service-learning courses and internship fellowships.
  • Increase our efforts to achieve preeminence through diversity by increasing the heterogeneity of our students, faculty, courses and speakers.
  • Generate new forms of basic and applied knowledge that can serve the public interest through the analysis of digital data, online social networks and new forms of information and communication technologies.

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Annenberg’s mission represents the Power of Penn to help society navigate the political and cultural implications of our planet’s changing media landscape. There are few questions about important local, national or global issues that aren’t impacted by the kinds of media dynamics that Annenberg was built to understand and improve.”John L. Jackson, Jr., Walter H. Annenberg Dean, Richard Perry University Professor, Annenberg School for Communication

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