A Message from President

Amy Gutmann

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends,

Every day, Penn puts knowledge to work in the world and for the world. This is our University’s mandate, as it has been since Benjamin Franklin founded Penn on the premise that education’s primary purpose is to enhance the ability—and strengthen the inclination—to serve humanity.

Penn is driven forward by our commitment to grow inclusion, spark innovation and accelerate impact where it is needed most. We have assembled the foremost researchers, scholars and practitioners to pioneer the impossible and confront the most pressing issues of our time.

Now, with the support of the Penn community, we are ready to launch a campaign that will dramatically amplify Penn’s impact on the world. Through The Power of Penn Campaign, we aspire to raise $4.1 billion to advance the priorities that will put the breadth of Penn’s knowledge to work for society’s greater good.

Doing so will enable us to extend recent breakthroughs in immunotherapy and gene therapy; pursue the science and policy of sustainable energy; and encourage cutting-edge entrepreneurship. It will allow us to leverage Penn’s vital collaborative spirit by supporting faculty who pursue knowledge beyond the silos of traditional academic disciplines.

A successful Campaign will do all this and more. It will help us break down financial barriers that might prevent a Penn student from participating in the fullest range of life- and world-changing undergraduate opportunities. And it will relieve our graduate and professional students from potentially burdensome student loan debt so they can achieve their greatest potential as tomorrow’s top researchers and practitioners.

The Power of Penn Campaign will increase Penn’s ability to attract the boldest thinkers and best teachers; create a culture of cogent purpose; generate new approaches in diverse fields; and graduate citizens ready to build and sustain strong, equitable societies.

And it will inspire new ways to engage Penn’s greatest asset—our phenomenal alumni, parents and friends.

Penn is a formidable force for good. I invite you to join us in this noble endeavor. Together, we are The Power of Penn.

Amy Gutmann


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